Teacher Conference Survival Snack Packs

Every school year, parents attend school conferences for our children. You may notice how booked the day is for the teachers. They have back to back appointments, and try to make each appointment work so every parent can attend. They don’t have much time to go grab a snack.

To show our appreciation our Parent Club has made it easy for our teachers to keep going all day during conference week. We started giving out a Conference Survival Snack Pack to each teacher. We pack bistro boxes full of snacks, fruit, mints, and a treat! We seal the box with a fun sticker and deliver the morning of conference week. The teachers are so happy. This is a great way to show our appreciation for all the hard work they do!

You can make a Conference Survival Snack Pack for your teacher, or get a group together and make a box for all your teachers. See the FREE PDF file below to print your own stickers.

WTGGG Designs Conference Survival Snack Pack Stickers

Conference Survivial Snack PacksSnack Packs Finished