Monkey See, Monkey Do!

This little monkey want’s to celebrate with you!

My friend Anne from Anne Nunn Photography has a little monkey who was about to turn 4.

I jumped at the chance to work with her on his birthday party decor’.

There are so many fun monkey theme’s to choose from, but I wanted to do something unique.

 Apes, chimps, gorilla’s galore….. the banana’s and treats will leave you wanting more!

Solid colored party cups with custom sticker labels  brought the party theme together.

I love to incorporate a children’s book into the party theme, and it’s not a party without a barrel of monkeys!

Monkey Party Drinks and Bananna Treats

Little chewy banana’s make a great treat for the kids.

Party signs with cute monkey sayings added a nice touch to the party table.

Monkey Party Birthday Boy faces

Monkey Party Hats

 Custom Party Hats for guests and the birthday boy.

Monkey Party Bananna Split

Banana Split’s instead of a cake, this little monkey is pretty happy with that idea!

Custom note cards and invitations for guests.

Monkey Book and Cupcake Toppers

Custom toppers  added a little extra pizazz to the cupcakes, and fresh Baked Banana Bread stickers not only sealed the party bags, but labeled it’s contents too.

Monkey Tags, signs and stickers

Monkey Party Present opening

 Photography Credit: Anne Nunn Photography

Paper Party Stationary and Design: Where the Green Grass Grows Designs