Mason Jar Sea Aquarium Tutorial

 My son’s Under the Sea Birthday Party was a few weeks ago. We made these super fun Mason Jar Sea Aquariums.

They were a giant hit with the kids, so I want to share with you how to make them.


Mason Jars with metal lids (you pick the size, my example is 1 pint size) You want them big enough so the sea creatures, plants and rocks move around a bit. These I found at Walmart.

Spray paint of any color to spray the Lids. Hobby Lobby is where I found this color.

Multiple Plastic Sea Animals. These were found at Amazon.

Plastic Aquarium Plants from any pet store. It’s nice to have a variety of colors. These plants were from Petsmart.

Bright Aquarium Rocks. The brighter the better! These were found at Petsmart.

A variety of Seashells. I found both the seashells and tiny starfish from Shindigz 

Small jar of Glitter

Gorilla Glue

Clear Marbles

Blue food coloring



Spray paint the metal lids on cardboard or an old sheet. Let dry. Handle with care. Spray paint scratches off metal easily.


Cut your plants in small pieces. A variety of colors is best! I LOVE purple and green together.


While your jar is empty, add some rocks. A handful is good. Then add about 2-3 shells, and if you have a tiny star fish. Next add 2-3 sea animals, 4-5 clear marbles and 3-4 small plant pieces.


Fill your jar with water up to the first groove line, not the very top of the jar. Add one very tiny drop of blue food coloring so it can still be transparent. A little goes a long way. Then sprinkle as much glitter as your heart desires!


Before you put the lid on, make sure to glue the edges of the jar where the rim tightens around the glass. This will secure it so little one’s can’t open it. It’s so tempting to pet their sea animal. HINT: Gorilla Glue expands A LOT. Make sure to only use a little. Write your name on the top if you are at a party so it doesn’t get mixed up. We used a thick silver sharpie. I recommend adults take care of the food coloring and the glue portion of the project. TRUST ME!


Shake and be amazed!

To see all the party photo’s and ideas, visit this blog post:

Vendor Credit

Paper Party decor and Style by Andrea from Where the Green Grass Grows Designs

Photography by Andrea Malpass’ awesome IPHONE hehe…  🙂

White Sea Shells and Galvanized Party Platters and Dispensers: Walmart

Aquarium Rocks and Sea Plants: Petsmart

Small Sea Animlas: Amazon

Starfish, Turquoise Netting and Shells were found on Shindigz

***Watercolor Sea Images by***