DIY Mason Jar Car Freshener

My boys sports bags have taken over my clean car smell. I love candles and really love fresh apple and citrus scents. This fun DIY idea can bring those scents to your car! They are very simple to make. The supply cost is minimal and your passengers will thank you!

STEP 1: Start with a nail, mason jar with lid, wax (scent of your choice) and a hammer. Yes, my hammer has my name on it. With loads of boys and living on a farm, my hammer tends to disappear often. The wax packs are sold at most major stores. I purchased this fresh apple scent for $1 at Walmart.
STEP 2: Next take the nail and hammer a bunch of holes in the metal mason jar lid. The more holes the more yummy scent will escape the jar and fill your car with awesome goodness.
STEP 3: Fill your jar with your wax squares and seal lid to jar. Next place in your car where the hot sun will heat your car and release your scent. These make great gifts for friends, family, teachers, coworkers and so many more.