Adventures of Hudson’s 6th Birthday Party

I’m excited to share this amazing party by Jenny from Jenny Cookies. It is beyond fun and a dream party for any child that loves the outdoors! She put together this party for her son Hudson’s 6th Birthday. He is ALL BOY and full of adventure. Party activities included hiking, sling shot shooting (swam slingers), wooden snake painting, and scavenger hunts. No detail was left untouched. My favorite pieces of this party include the bait station, fun wooded signs, trail mix, s’more treats, coon skin hats, Huckleberry fin book party favors and all the vintage elements that really made this party special. I’m sure it is one for Hudson to remember.hudsons6thbday-42741They couldn’t fish, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying a super cute bait shop, aka candy bar.  She found this old garden bench for next to nothing at a vintage shop that was perfect for the “bait”.  The bait station was filled with gummy worms, frogs, swedish fish, and eggs, the kids LOVED filling their tackle boxes.


Adventures of HudsonHudsonhudsons5thbday-46201hudsons6thbday-45491hudsons6thbday-4376-21hudsons6thbday-43741hudsons6thbday-44651hudsons6thbday-4311-21hudsons6thbday-43801

Vintage enamelware mugs were filled with Hudson’s favorite trail mix.

hudsons6thbday-43791hudsons6thbday-42841hudsons6thbday-43721For Hudson’s cake, Jenny baked a naked chocolate cake, with a german chocolate & buttercream filling.  Oooh my, how pretty!  She found the vintage Huckleberry Finn cake topper on eBay, and added some fresh greens around the outside.hudsons6thbday-43671hudsons6thbday-42821The pb cracker cookies and acorn donuts sat inside an old tin box she found at a vintage market.  (Recipes for both found in Jenny’s book Eat More Dessert)hudsons6thbday-43581hudsons6thbday-42791Can you say, “Beautiful Family?” hudsons6thbday-42641hudsons6thbday-43141hudsons6thbday-43111hudsons6thbday-42961hudsons6thbday-42631For camp 3 teepees were from BE Little You and Me. Jenny attached feathers to the poles and laid blankets inside for the kids.partypics71The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer books were purchased from Target for ONE DOLLAR.  To dress them up, Jenny wrapped each book with strips of plaid flannel tied with leather and tucked in a feather.partypics61What a spread! Home-style hearty comfort food for party guests include, baked potato fix in’s, mac and cheese, watermelon, baked beans and more! You can’t go wrong with that!partypics51partypics41partypics31While baking for Hudson’s party, Jenny decided against the usual sugar cookies and cupcakes.  They just didn’t fit the theme.  Instead she wanted a rustic and outdoorsy look. She baked homestyle cookies tied in twine, wrapped smore’s kits in fabric scraps, no bake cookies, pb cracker cookies, and ordered mini pies from her girlfriend’s adorable pie shop The Snohomish Pie Company. YUMM!partypics21partypics11Party Styling: Jenny from Jenny Cookies

Photography: KCB Photography