About Me

Thank you for visiting Where the Green Grass Grows Designs specializing in sweet • simple • classic party invitations, banners, tags, party hats and more… All printed, assembled and ready to use!

A little about me…
I am a mother of 3 busy boys and have had the pleasure of being married to an amazing man for 19 years. We’re blessed to live and work on our family’s beautiful farm in Oregon. GO DUCKS!

To learn a bit more about me here are some things that make me very happy and not in any particular order.

My Family • My Friends • Jesus
Riding in the tractor with my husband and 3 kids. Yes, that is 5 people in a cab. The kids try to press every button and turn the wheel while he is trying to plow a straight line. Our rides get shorter every time.
Traveling to new places, wish I could do it more.
Glass of wine with my husband at the end of the day. I get so giggly. He doesn’t mind.
Netflix or Hulu binge watching. I will stay up until 3 am to find out what happens next. Why must they leave us on a hook?!
Hugs and sweet talks with my oldest son, eyelash kisses with my second son, and kissing my youngest son on his chubby cheeks.
Girls night out, boy is it nice to reconnect.

Great Comedy, I always need a good laugh.
Country and Christian Music, I love how country music makes me fall in love with my husband all over again and Christian music because how uplifted it makes me feel.
Skiing on Blue or Green runs, anything different is just plain terrifying!
Dancing like no one is watching.

Date Nights, the BEST!
Laughing so hard, I don’t make any noise-because I can’t breathe.
Planning Parties, I love it!
Trying new restaurants and savoring over the food for months to come.
Blonde hair die, it makes me feel pretty and I really need it.

Seeing my kids happy, nothing beats that!

That’s me in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy my little creations. Join the P A R T Y!

♥ Andrea